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Today, you can unlock it's GOLD features to Visualize Every single data about your sent emails or subscribers in front of your eyes, Create UNLIMITED Campaigns, Set UNLIMITED Autoresponder emails when someone joins a campaign & much much more...
My Friend, now is the time to know your subscriber's behavior, and send them exactly what they want. Yes, I am giving you an ULTIMATE OPPORTUNITY to increase the ROI manifold for your email marketing campaigns.
Let’s check out the MailZingo Enterprise edition features one by one:

1. Get pin-point accurate and detailed reports for your campaigns:

Know your subscribers behavior... understand their wants & needs to make 10 times more profits with making simple tweaks in your existing email marketing campaigns.

Get accurate analysis for every action, and evaluate what's going on with your campaigns and how they are performing at any given time. We made it very easy to analyze data with simple, yet beautiful graphs & pie charts.

  • You’ll see a detailed report about everything.
  • Track opens & click through rates.
  • See what technology your subscribers are using.
  • Distinguish what devices they are using for opening their emails.
  • Learn the geographical location of subscribers.
  • Check how many unsubscribe over time.
  • Get complete information about bounced mails.
  • And much more...

If you're thinking that's all you are getting today, you’re mistaken my friend. We are giving you tons of additional features with this MailZingo Enterprise Edition that will take you to cloud 9.

2. Set UNLIMITED AUTORESPONDERS when someone subscribes for any campaign:

Send a series of personalized email messages to new leads at pre-defined intervals. It's like having your own dedicated sales team working for you around the clock.

Once you know what is working for any campaign & giving you maximum profits, copy the same and set autoresponder emails even for months for everyone who subscribe for the campaign and MailZingo Enterprise will work day and night for you on complete automation.

Yes, now you can send countless emails to your subscribers automatically. You can also send them newsletters, notifications and welcome messages whenever you want.

3. Create and manage unlimited campaigns:

Not every subscriber have the same wants & needs… so to get maximum profits, you need to create a separate campaign for subscribers with different behavior.

Creating campaigns makes it super easy to personalize your email marketing automation, because if you don’t segment your subscribers into campaigns, you’re leaving tons of money on the table.

With this smashing feature of MailZingo Enterprise edition, you can create and manage unlimited campaigns in a matter of minutes. You can do everything, like collecting subscriber data to managing and segmenting it hands free.

You can even copy, move and export your subscribers to get maximum results without wasting time with manual labor.

4. Effective bounce management:

Bounced messages hurt your reputation badly, and lead to an increased spam score.
Not anymore.
With this feature, you can get complete information about total bounced mails, along with how many subscribers opted to unsubscribe from your campaigns.
In a nutshell, this feature will enable you to identify to whom you should send messages and keep the non-useful ones at bay.

Yes guys, MailZingo Enterprise Edition will give you complete power to receive a never-ending influx of happy customers, sales & profits and the biggest catch is, it will be done 100% on autopilot.

Let's do a quick recap what's INCLUDED in your purchase today...

Get pin-point accurate and detailed reports for your campaigns

$2500 value

Set UNLIMITED AUTORESPONDERS when someone subscribes for any campaign

$1000 value

Create and manage unlimited campaigns

$1500 value

Effective bounce management

$1000 value
Total value: $ 6000

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MailZingo Enterprise

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We might take it down Forever (Few Copies Left...)
MailZingo Enterprise
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