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Firstly, with this upgrade you’ll get 10 extra, Inbuilt eye-catching lead forms to maximize lead generation.

Just imagine how you would feel if I give you the ULTIMATE POWER to capture visitors attention and convert them into long term customers.
That’s great and so, we created the best converting and most eye-catching lead generation forms for you. You just choose one and edit it to grab the attention of more and more subscribers on your blog, eCommerce sites or WordPress sites.


Now, you can embed our custom designed lead forms anywhere you want, and convert most of your visitors into potential customers completely hands free.

It takes our already powerful MailZingo to another level. Now you are 5X more powerful to collect almost every potential customer details daily that’s ripe for the taking.

Second, you’ll get the advanced subscriber management feature

This feature gives you the ability to add email addresses to a suppression list which suppresses them from receiving broadcast messages when you send to all of your subscribers.

You can also use our advanced filters to find any contact within seconds. You can also export all your subscribers into excel & csv format.

Now, managing subscribers will become a cakewalk without incurring any heavy financial expenses for it.

However, we are not stopping yet. In fact, there is a huge component that I have not yet revealed.
Third, you’ll get 10 PROVEN to convert, ready-to-use Email templates

Are you aware that two-thirds of people would read something beautifully designed than something plain, and 80% will delete an email immediately if it doesn’t look good on their mobile device?


So, we are providing 10 beautiful, engaging and editable Email templates for different industries that enable you to customize pre-defined templates, thus saving you the time of designing new templates for every new broadcast.

This way, you can focus on boosting conversions instead of wasting time doing tedious design work.

Fourth, You’ll get the untapped power to send images & file attachments with emails.

Images are a great way to attract the attention and keep them hooked onto your brand for longer time period. Keeping this in mind, MailZingo enables you to send images & file attachments with emails.

You can also attach various file formats and provide maximum information through your emails. This feature takes our already powerful MailZingo to another level.


All you need to do is just give the command, and MailZingo will do everything for you as desired.

Fifth, you can create & save your own templates for a personalized experience & get maximum results.

94% of businesses say that personalization is critical to their success.

Keeping this in mind, we are giving you the hidden power to add unique personalization to every template, & you can save it to use again and again, to make it a visual delight for your subscribers. The result is a positive, consistent brand experience that your subscribers want to interact with over and over.

Sixth, use our advanced message management feature that enables you to make the best use of already sent emails.

Yeah, that’s completely possible with this Elite upgrade. Now, you can boost conversions by selecting the messages that are driving better results and re-use them in any campaign of your choice.

Ultimately, you can save time and energy creating crafty emails, and get the best results for your efforts.

Seventh, you get unparalleled price

Now this is something that will take you by the storm. In most cases, marketers have to pay hundreds of dollars a month for these features, but with MailZingo that’s all history, now.

Ultimately you are saving thousands of dollars monthly with us, & every dollar that you save, adds to your profits. With 5 X more leads & engagement, you’re not only saving money, you’re also taking your business to the next level.

Isn’t it SUPER Cool?


Now I think we better do a quick recap of everything in this MailZingo Elite Edition, because we flew through it pretty quickly.

Only with MailZingo Elite Edition,

You get 10 eye-catching lead forms to maximize lead generation (Valued at $1,000)

Manage your subscribers hassle free (Valued at $200)

You get 10 PROVEN to convert, ready-to-use Email templates (Valued at $1,000)

Send images & file attachments with emails (Valued at $200)

Create and save your own templates (Valued at $300)

You get advanced email management (Valued at $200)

5x More Reach

5x More Leads &

Most importantly 5X MORE PROFITS

Total Value: $2,900
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Once again, we are including a 30-day money back guarantee, and I also want to let you know that we're supporting this.

We absolutely won't disappear and leave you all alone. There is a dedicated help desk with an entire support staff to make sure you are taken care of if you have any problems with this product.

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